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Join us!


Be a Part of a Brewing Community of like-minded EOL colleagues who share a passion for holding space and facilitating conversations on death and dying.


Create connections in your community!



*Please complete steps #1 and #2

prior to proceeding to Step #3. 


Step #1: You have either filled out the Death over Drafts Crafter Application or Connected with Stefanie, Death over Drafts Founder. 

Step #2: Attend a Death over Drafts Info Session held monthly. See the events section on our website for upcoming dates. 

Step #3: Order the Pint Package* and start crafting conversations about death and dying in your own community! 

Become a DoD Crafter: Purchase a Pint Package (Canadian Purchase)


    • Crafter's Brew Kit PDF (Coming Soon!)
    • 1:1 45-minute Meeting with Stefanie
    • A customized branded DoD event image to start your social media and marketing efforts
    • Your events posted on Instagram, Reimagine & DoD website
    • The Death Deck/EOL Deck Discounts
    • 25 - DoD Branded Coasters
    • 20 - DoD Branded Stickers
    • 5 - DoD Branded Buttons
    • Sales tax, packaging, and shipping included (Canadian only)
    • Death over Drafts Crafter Community Quarterly Zoom
    • Being a part of a brewing collective of those drafting a narrative on death and dying.  
    • More Benefits & Packages coming!
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